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10 Fun Facts about Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

10 Fun Facts about Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

As you see, the name of the game "Totally Accurate Battle Simulator" is self-explanatory. The game is a battle simulator that was originally developed as a joke but has later become a huge hit. It is a satirical take on the battle simulator genre. Here are some interesting facts about game that you may not know.

  1. The game is full of puns and references to other video games. For example, the Battle of Hoth is a parody of the famous Battle of Helm's Deep.
  2. One of the levels is based on the movie "Escape from New York".
  3. TABS had a rocky start, with a lot of bugs when it was first released on Steam Early Access. It has since been updated multiple times and has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from Steam users.
  4. Most of the content in the game is procedurally generated and not pre-designed.
  5. The game has an option to change the gravity, so you can experience moon gravity or even zero gravity.
  6. It was developed by a very small team of 3 people (two programmers and one artist) with the help of the Unreal engine.
  7. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator was developed in only 5 months.
  8. It was accused of being a plagiarism of the Battle Royale as it has a similar concept of 100 players on the same map.
  9. The game has no boundaries, which means that the map is endless.
  10. The game contains 2 hours of original music

The Bottom Line

So there you go, 10 interesting facts about Totally Accurate Battle Simulator that you probably didn't know. The game is available on Steam now, so go and grab it. If you enjoyed reading this post, please consider sharing it with your friends!

04 Jun 2021